Family Mediation

mediationWe promote and encourage the use of the Mediation Process as a method for resolving the differences between separating couples. While acknowledging that it is not for everyone, we believe that in the right circumstances, it is a wonderful process. It tends to work because it is real. It is particularly helpful where there are children and where a relationship as a consequence will continue, albeit in a changed form, in terms of the children and their continuing needs.

In mediation you and your former partner reach the agreement through the conduit of the mediator. It is however your process, your agreement, and hopefully having reached your own decisions you will both leave the process with your dignity and trust reasonably intact. It usually has the advantage of reducing legal costs which is important for people particularly in these harder financial times.

Mediation Generally

We also offer a general mediation service to cover, for example, wider family disputes, employment or business issues.

Patricia Holohan is an experienced Mediator, a certified member of MII, and a Collaborative Lawyer and welcomes enquiries about the process.